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Managing Managed Care

Cowboy Consulting gives you filing strategies and 3rd party options to make filing claims manageable.

We offer solutions to make managed care profitable! Most independent opticals feel overwhelmed when it comes to medical billing and managed care. Without the right processes in place, managed care can cost you money!

Cowboy Consulting helps you move your bottom line from red to black.

Staff Training

JR can customize almost any training that you need for your optical staff.  Lens designs, blue light, upselling, custom measurements, vision plan billing maximization and more.

Managed Care Opt Out Instructions​

Opt-Out is NOT out of network filing.  Opt-Out is allowed by law in Texas and 15 other states (Texas SB 684). It gives you the right to remain in network with the Managed Care company while giving you the freedom to select the lab and lenses that YOU want to use instead of that being dictated by an insurance giant pushing their own products. This allows you to select the technology and treatments that you want to provide to your patient. It also allows you to eliminate pesky chargebacks all while setting your pricing at or below normal co-pays which will significantly increase your profitability. Cowboy Consulting can provide step by step instructions on the Opt-Out processes for all of the most popular vision plans. And JR will be there every step of the way to help you take back control from insurance companies and boost profitability per patient.

3rd Party Out of Network Processing

There is increasing interest across our industry to kick managed care to the curb completely. JR is equipped to discuss the pros and cons of this option with you. If you are interested, Cowboy Consulting can help you navigate the process and work with you on patient retention and practice profitability.

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