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Independent Optical Laboratory Network

Cowboy Consulting LLC has a vast network of optical lens providers and has established a trusted relationship with each lab.  We are able to connect you with superior products and service at an affordable price.  


Cowboy Consulting is also proud to be the only optical consultant with our own proprietary lens.


Girl wearing glasses

An independent full service optical laboratory with a wide array of capabilities including digital surfacing, dip AR coatings, in house mirrors and low vision specialties.  Located in the Tampa area and originally known as Solidar they have recently rebranded the lab as API.  Along with the rebranding comes new leadership focus, investment in state of the art technology, and friendly customer service.  API features Shamir lens designs as well as DVG and their in-house lens designs.  Cowboy Consulting is a  contract representative for this lab.

Superior Optical Lab

Superior optical lab

A disabled veteran owned independent optical laboratory.  SOL has the further distinction of being the only lab purchased from Essilor instead of selling to them.  This lab produces DVG, Varilux, Hoya, Unity and their own proprietary digital lens designs.  They also produce selected AR coatings in house for all of these brands.  In addition to a safety program and a competitive frame and lens program they are a VSP partner lab.  They work with all major ordering systems including DVI, Eyefinity, and Visionweb.  They have recently expanded and significantly upgraded technology to rival or exceed that of any major lab in the US.  They are located in Ocean Springs Mississippi and are always aggressively expanding.

Best Price Digital Lenses

Optical Laboratory

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An independent full service optical laboratory focusing on cutting edge technology, service and price.  They feature digital surfacing and Shamir lens designs and AR coatings as well as our own DVG brand of lenses and coatings.  They have attractive frame and lens packages as well as an excellent safety package.  Cowboy Consulting is a contract representative for BP in Texas.  Additionally, Cowboy Consulting has consulted with BP working on a LEAN/Six Sigma Kaizen project with this lab focusing on internal breakage reduction.

RXO Tulsa

rxotulsa vision

A family owned and run independent optical laboratory.  Nobody beats RXO for speed and customer service...nobody.  Dedicated to the independent optical, RXO focuses on what you focus on at your practice - a fabulous customer experience.  They have Shamir, IOT, Varilux, Hoya, and Unity lens designs.  They also have in-house AR's production available.

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