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Glass Lenses

DVG Lenses®

DVG Lenses® are all about the independent optical. A full line of high technology, value priced digital lenses and AR's. Bette Manuel-Banquer along with 3 of her independent consultants (J.R. Dollins, Jason Lassere, and Jeff Lukasco) took the newest designs using breakthrough, intelligent & innovative technologies powered by IOT and tweaked them according to their own hands-on industry knowledge to fit what they know the industry needs today and beyond. No one else in the world has access to these proprietary lens designs. DVG Lenses® are the ONLY proprietary lenses belonging to a consulting firm available at multiple independent optical laboratories. 

DVG stands for "David vs. Goliath" because we know we are the little guy taking on industry giants. As the little guy, we may seem out manned, but we are never out gunned! DVG Lenses® help the independent optical pry control out of the hands of greedy optical world behemoths and give it back to doctors and optical owners...where it should be. That's why our motto is, "Imagine one's potential in the absence of greed."

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